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North Hills,

When we come back together this Sunday, May 17, 2020, it will be a celebration, though maybe not in the way we wish it would be.  God will be worshipped and His name will be praised.  As way of information here are somethings everyone should know before Sunday:

You will notice:

  • The doors are open so we don’t have to touch as much.
  • There are not printed handouts (so you’ll have to actually listen to the announcements).
  • There is hand sanitizer in the foyer/sound booth area as well as each restroom
  • Every other pew is roped off and we are asking that family units sit at either end of a pew so there’s distance between each family.

We are:

  • Not having childcare during the service.
  • Asking that people not congregate in the foyer or back of the sanctuary but come on in and find a seat.
  • Asking people to try to practice social distancing.


  • Those that are concerned for health issue please stay home. 
  • This is not a test of your faith.  You are not gaining points with Christ by showing up or not. 
  • We do rejoice in being able to come back together but understand there is still a disease in our community and acknowledge there are some who still need to take precautions and ask that all those that attend understand the precautions needed by some in our midst.

Here’s the elders’ contact info to reach out to us if a need arises, you have a concern, or you just need to talk.

On behalf of the elders,

James Douglas