North Hills,

At our last Members’ Meeting, a motion was brought to the congregation from the Elders about bringing Mr. Evan Knies onto the paid church staff. We are using this platform to make sure everyone understands what that entails and know how to ask questions. We will have an up and down vote on Sunday, October 25th, right after our worship service. This meeting will not have time for further discussion or questions. All questions should be directed to the elders or finance team prior to the meeting and those questions will be answered to the person(s) asking them and publicly to the congregation as seems fitting.

Below is what the church is being asked to consider and vote on:

Evan Knies is being presented as the Family Minister for North Hills Church. The title for this position is lacking because he is being asked to have three (3) main tasks at North Hills.

  • Evan has been teaching our students (6th-12th) on Sunday evenings for not quite a year now and with this position will be asked to have the primary role in leading our ministry to students and their families but also leading our student and families to minister not just lead a study one evening a week.
  • Evan has a heart for the lost in our community and the world. He would be taking on in addition to students and families a role in our community outreach and world missions. Evan has been actively involved in his current job with a significant number of ministry areas in our community. He would be tasked with helping North Hills get involved in some of those and with getting us connected missionally to an international endeavor.
  • Lastly, Evan has been filling the pulpit from time to time and he would be asked to continue that. Evan does have a gift of preaching but also a fire and desire to be in the pulpit. The third area he would be asked to fulfill would be to on a regular basis preach on Sunday mornings.

Here’s the elders’ contact info if you may have any questions.

It should be said also that Evan is considered an Elder – in – training and is walking through a process, with no timetable, with our Elders. This process is separate from the above consideration. When the elders feel the process is nearing closure and it is dually agreed that it should happen, the Elders would, at that time, bring Evan to the congregation for consideration of eldership.

On behalf of the elders,

James Douglas