Covid-19 Update: Due to the current situation we have an important announcement. Read Announcement Here →

North Hills,

The situation we are in is unlike any we have had in our lifetime. In uncertain times like these, I wish the Bible had a step by step guide for dealing with the specifics of the daily decisions that are needing to be made for my family and for our church. The elders have struggled with how to answer some of the questions we have and to know what is best for the church at North Hills. Though we do not have a checklist in scripture we have the guiding and sufficient principles in scripture to look to as we are led by the Spirit. It is because of this truth, that scripture is sufficient and that God has not left us alone, that this announcement is being typed with assurance and hope.

It is with much prayer and angst we are prepared to move forward by taking the following steps:

  • All small groups will not meet until further notice. This includes men’s and women’s gatherings, Sunday School classes, fellowships, & community groups.
  • Sunday Morning Worship Services will be online. We will not be opening the church up on Sunday Mornings for gatherings. We will have a live service, very similar to our normal gathering, that will be available online. All of the details are still coming together on this so look for more info before Sunday but for now, you can look at our Facebook group (HERE) or you can be prepared to watch our Livestream at the link at the top of the page or (HERE).
  • We are prepared to be available for those in the high-risk groups for COVID-19. We are urging everyone that has an underlying medical condition and senior adults to please take every precaution during this time. Please allow your church to assist you and help where possible. We can go get groceries or other items when needed. Please stay safe during this time.
  • We will be prepared for whatever tomorrow holds not because we are able but because He is! So, our last step is continued prayer. Each Sunday we come together to be reminded of what our Christ has done for us and continues to do…So it will be in these times. May we all be continually reminded of what Christ has done and may we all be made keenly aware of what God is doing even in the middle of a pandemic.

We know there will be questions. We know there will be disagreements about somethings but the elders are continually discussing and concerned for the flock God has entrusted to us. Know you are cared for and loved. We will all feel moments of disconnection during this time and maybe anxious moments. Please pray for all of North Hills and especially your elders during these times and know you are prayed for.

Here’s the elders’ contact info to reach out to us if a need arises, you have a concern, or you just need to talk.

On behalf of the elders,

James Douglas
Connection Group